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Supporting Needs For X Ray Inspection Systems, Needle and Syringe Destroyers, etc. 
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    The traditional X-Ray inspection system has many shortcomings such as long X-ray exposure time, high working voltage, strong and long time radiation, big size and heavy weight, critical working condition, especially its costly price. AJ-1600 is a newly designed X-ray inspection system, it has following wonderful characters: 1. Equipped with an advanced semiconductor scintillated flat image detector and micro-focusing Toshiba X-ray tube generator(Do not use an old intensified screen technology). 2. Achieves wonderful performances of extreme short exposure time(only 0.4-4 seconds)with long distance(up to 30 meters) remote control operation. 3. Minimum size and light weight, very low dose radiation and short exposure time, HD image resolution. 4. Easy to learn, cheap price, and flexible software running on mini-PC. 5. Remote control technology combine 2mmPb protection box, reducing radiation, creating a green environment. The content of the lead plate is 99.994%, which is silvery white heavy metal. The melting point is 327.502 degree, the boiling point is 1740 degree, the specific gravity density is 11.345 g / cm3, the Mohs hardness is 1.5, the texture is soft, and the tensile strength is small. It is X-ray radiation protection material. Machines Specifications AJ-1705 X-Ray Tube Generator Hamamatsu Chip level inspection Price $30,000 Hamamatsu 90KV, 0.2ma, micro-focusing 15um, closed mode, Fixed anode, Max power: 500W. 430*430mm. 2500KG,manual control AJ-1600/AJ-1650 X-Ray Generator BGA/Components/Wires level test Price $8,000-9,500 KYW 50um or Toshiba 300um, 50KV, 0.1ma, micro-focusing, closed mode, Fixed anode, 3*3cm, Max power: 150W. 80KGremote Ctr. X-Ray Leakage/Exposure Time < 0.52Sv/h, 0.4-10.0 seconds exposure time X-Ray Control Mode Manual and remote controller(up to 30 meters) Image Resolution 2.1Mega-pixel, 22lp/mm, 18um pixel size Active Image Area and Format 30mm*30mm, JPG,BMP,TIF, DICOM formats Image magnification(by software) 20X-50X Fixed work station(with LED light) 80-LED cold lights, 240*240mm working platform Image Processing Computer System /Software installed Windows Mini IPC Intel Core CPU/4*USB/4G/ 128G SSD drive/WIFI antenna, software installed Cabinet Dimensions/Weight/Protection Net: AJ-1600/1650 43(L)*35(W)*56(H)cm/2.0mm Pb lead plate /10mm steel metal wall protection chassis /Netweight: 50KG Package Gloss: 54(L)*69(W)*80(H)cm, 60-250KG Radiation Safety Certificate 2016(104) Tested and Approved by Guangdong provincial environmental radiation monitoring authority. 2016(104) , GB18871-2002 & ISO 5579-20
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Shenzhen AJ Technology Co, Ltd., is looked upon as a competent manufacturer and exporter of dental equipment. Our company monitors the requirements of customers in medical, surgical and pharmaceutical business and provides safe, economical and practical solutions. We have solidified our image all over the map by manufacturing products for our customers according to their given specifications. Our company has professionals who maintain proper market data for providing the best dental equipment and associated products in the world market. All our experts interpret customers needs in the most appropriate manner and as a result help the company reach the peak of success. We respond to international inquiries for X Ray Inspection Systems, Photon Counting Sensors, Needle and Syringe Destroyers and other products on time for making good relations with clients. Our strong business ethos helps us in gaining preference over others in the business. 

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By showing traits like unity, perseverance, honesty and impartiality, we have satisfied millions of customers all over the international market. We are thriving in this complex business line by retaining as many customers as possible with our reliable product line. Our people are always on their toes for solving customers queries and personally attend to customers through several communication sources for better understanding and meeting their needs. We have sufficient employees for catering to orders simultaneously without undergoing any problems. Our company makes sure that every member imbibes the spirit to turn more prospects into loyal customers by providing quality assured products like Photon Counting Sensors and others.

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  • We make serious efforts for gaining whopping revenue in the industry by serving the highest quality dental equipment and other products.
  • We have leading-edge machinery installed for meeting repeated order requirements for X Ray Inspection Systems, Network Software and allied products.
  • We strive for boosting our trading and production abilities and meet the bulk requirements of international clients.
  • We encourage on-time delivery of consignments with the help of our commendable logistics. 
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